Takeo Walker

✦ French Dragon Mama ✦
Digital Artist, Manga, Anime, Cartoon style

Who am I?

My nickname was taken from my first RP forum. Takeo is from Le clan des Otori and Walker from the first icon I had Allen Walker from D.Gray Man <3

Mother of a little child

I want to work like an illustrator, i sell my arts and my service in digital art to be able to give the best for my child and me.I love drawing in anime/manga/cartoon style and I finally decide to begin with Twitch! If you want to follow me don't hesitate! ;D I draw and play games on my Twitch!I'm also part of a convention group with my lovely Zenax. We will sell our art on prints, badges, keychains and more >w< You can see all our informations on our group carrd called Arueme:

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Takeo's Commissions

  • Commissions : Opened

  • Requests : Closed

  • Collaboration : Closed


  • Monsters / Human

  • Kemonomimi / Furry

  • Couples / Duos / More characters

  • OCs

  • Fandom / Games / Animes / Mangas


  • NSFW / Gore

  • Mechas (I'm taking too much time)

  • Realistic arts

  • Animals

  • Traditional arts

How to take a commission?- Take references (images or description)
- Choose what you want (Emote, Illustration, YCH),
- Do you have additional options (how many characters, size, background, accessories, for YCH Letter-Number)
- Contact me on my social media or email
Terms of serviceπŸŽ” No underprice.
πŸŽ” Paypal only.
πŸŽ” Full payment after validate sketch.
πŸŽ” Commissions may take between a few days and 2 months to complete. I’ll make sure to update you by telling you when I'm starting to work on your commission and send you one update when the sketch is finished.
πŸŽ” You can use the commission for your social media but thanks to credit me.
πŸŽ” Commissions are made for personal use only. Do not sell, print or distribute my art for profit without my knowledge.
πŸŽ” I maintain the right to refuse commission requests if I determine the content to be inappropriate or disrespectful.
πŸŽ” I'm also keeping the right to post/share any of my artwork on my site/social media unless you requested me to not do it when you provided me with the commission information.

Don't forget, if you want more example of my art, my portfolio is available
>>>> Portfolio <<<<